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Music Ministry

Director of Liturgical Music, Kevin Mathieu, has created a traditionally focused Music ministry, with a balance of traditional/traditionally styled hymns and choral works; along with some more contemporary works and Latin chant. The core of the music ministry is congregational singing, from hymns and psalms to MASS parts and responses.


Adding to this core, is the parish festival choir which sings for Advent, Christmas, Holy Week, Easter, and several other special MASSES and Liturgies each year. Members rehears from October through the week before Christmas, and then early in the New Year through The week of Holy Week. The choir often sings on its own for certain pieces, or parts of the MASS, but primarily strives to enhance the singing of the congregation, not overshadow it.


Our chief instruments in the church are the voices of our parishioners. To help support and lead them in song, we have a beautiful Rodgers digital organ. On occasion, piano may be used when more appropriate to choral pieces being sung, but for almost every Liturgy, it is the organ. From soft and delicate sounds, to a great festive roar, the organ stirs every emotion and enhances the prayer and worship in our Church from prelude to postlude each weekend.

To broaden the program further, other instrumentalists are being sought to add a variety of sound to special occasions and even regular weekend MASSES. Any skilled instrumentalists are encouraged to inquire about these opportunities, from accompanying the choir, playing instrumental descants, or even organ and instrument or piano and instrument duets.


Also in the plans for the future,  a cantor program. Cantors help to lead the singing during each Liturgy, and sing the psalm verses opposite the congregations responses. Currently, the duties of cantor and psalmist fall to Kevin while he is playing the organ. A better quality of music can be achieved through the sharing of these duties with a skilled singer, leaving Kevin to focus on the accompaniment of the music.

Weddings and Funerals


Kevin Mathieu is the principle organist for all Weddings and Funerals held in the church.


Couples preparing for a Wedding MASS should contact Kevin to schedule a meeting to plan music for the MASS no less than one month prior to the date of the Wedding.


Families planing a funeral will work initially with their chosen Funeral Director to select music, but may also contact Kevin or Fr. Jack to discuss options in music up to the day before the Funeral MASS. To assist in selecting music for Funerals, the link to the left will bring you to a planning sheet with approved hymn and suggestions for each occasion and part of the MASS.

Festival Choir


The parish Festival Choir is an all volunteer ensemble of Men and Women of the parish (high school and older) who enjoy singing. Each year they joyfully accept the challenge of new music to learn for each season, along with the favorites from years past. Rehearsals are kept light and fun, with a focus on community and support as well as the music and liturgy. Each rehearsal is guaranteed to include laughter and a fare bit of good natured ribbing, most often aimed towards director, Kevin Mathieu.


Should enough interest develop, the formation of a youth choir will be planned.

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